Tubbs Gaiters



Above are photos of my beloved Tubbs Gaiters.  This is a very versatile piece of gear that I absolutely love in the winter.  They are easy to put on- the elastic band goes under your shoe or boot and a small metal hook hook attaches to your shoelaces.  They velcro the rest of the way up.  The bottom elastic stretches to go over your shoe, keeping rocks, snow, and mud out.  At the top there is a band that secures the gaiters just below the knee.  They are very durable, and they keep the wind and cold off your legs, which I especially appreciate because I tend to wear leggings and skirts, even in the winter.

I wore mine daily during this past winter and treated them as a staple in my winter wardrobe.  I first tested these Gaiters during my college backpacking trip in southern Utah.  They kept rocks and desert sand from getting in my boots and helped keep my feet comfortable during stream crossings.  They have been a great investment and I highly recommend trying them out for your self.


Author: Jenell

I am a stay at home mom with lots of plans to have adventures with my son. I love biking, camping, hiking, and any opportunity to sleep in a tent. I love flowers, tea and herbs, and hope one day to become an herbalist.

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